Developing Business Leaders

Developing Business Leaders is a senior level training and support programme which offers a compelling opportunity for Owners, Directors and Senior Managers. The programme is focussed at the people steering their business through these troubled times and beyond.  It will cover many useful skills, tools and perspectives that will challenge how things are done, and provide the opportunity to use them with ongoing focussed support.

Each part of the programme is ran by a team of two experienced Cedar Associates with specific skill or experience.  They will bring a participative approach to helping participants achieve challenging business and personal objectives both on the courses, and in-between as one to one coaches for each of the participants.

Developing Business Leaders Course Overview

Features of the Programme A mix of training and coaching

  • Focussing learning on individual and business need
  • A team of experienced Trainers and Consultants with different speciality contributions
  • A modular programme with individual and business focussed challenges in between
  • Programme Endorsed by ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and the Garden Centre Association

Benefits for the Course Members and their Business

  • An insight into your leadership effectiveness and development potential
  • A balanced practical development opportunity covering a variety of skills and disciplines
  • Flexible ongoing support helping course member deliver on the challenging objectives they set for their development

Unit 1 – Simulating Vision

  • Management and Leadership
  • Stimulating personal vision – how will it differ from today
  • What is getting in your way
  • Your vision – where are you going? What is getting in your way?
  • Personal values and the effect they can have
  • Leadership pipeline
  • Challenging leadership
  • Trust building
  • Why should people follow you?
  • Development strategies
  • Selling the vision

Unit 3 – Making the Business Work Well

  • Understanding Shareholders needs and aspirations
  • The role of the Board, and the responsibilities of individual Directors
  • Organisational structures, good and bad
  • Effective decision making at meetings
  • Communication and meeting structures that work
  • System failure analysis
  • Making systems and processes work
  • Benchmarking against the best
  • Planning and monitoring KPI’s
  • Encouraging people’s innovation
  • Managing change
  • The significance of recognition and reward

Unit 5 – Making Financial Sound Decisions

  • Options to improve margins
  • Enhancing profitability
  • Making budgets work for you
  • Where is money being lost – stock and debt control
  • Managing Financial Risk
  • Business development choices
  • Raising Finance
  • Identifying future improvement initiatives or changes
  • Balanced Business Score Card
  • Building a workable business plan
  • Investment appraisal
  • Business Valuation – for acquisition or sale
  • Selling plans to lenders or stake holders

Unit 2 – Developing your Brand, your Market and your Sales

  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Understanding customers and segmenting the marketplace
  • SWOTs and critical success factors
  • Understanding and positioning the brand
  • Creating competitive advantage
  • Setting objectives and developing the marketing plan
  • Developing the communications strategy and the appropriate use of promotional tools
  • Selling benefits and handling objections
  • Negotiating and closing deals

Unit 4 – Developing and Enabling Key People

  • Talent analysis in the business
  • Defining management and leadership standards
  • Meaningful performance appraisals that deliver results
  • Finding the people you need
  • Structured recruitment and selection
  • Building depth in the Management Team
  • Identifying needs for cover and cooperation in the team
  • Planning management succession
  • Planned training to address skill gaps
  • Nurturing talent with coaching and mentoring

We are now booking places on our next course.If you would like to know more or discuss reserving a place on the next course, do call us and ask for Lindsay or Suzy or send us an email to We will be happy to ensure that this course is a good decision for you or your key people.

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What Our Customers Say

“Excellent trainer – easy to follow, varied the pace to suit the group and willing to expand on topics if required.”

“Very well organised, very enjoyable, looking forward to module two…”

“Really motivating.”

“A fantastic course filled with lots I can take back to my role and use with my team.”

“It was great to interact and get stuck in as a team.”

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