Train the Trainer or Showing Staff How

People learn most effectively when they have to think and do tasks for themselves. This practical course will help participants deliver training that sticks and improve their ability to effectively transfer skills to others.

Train the Trainer or Showing Staff How Course Overview

Features of the Train the Trainer Course

A one day interactive and practical course delivered in convenient location.

Benefits for the attendees and their business

This programme will help participants prepare for and deliver training which leads to successful transfer and retention of knowledge.

  • Deliver practical training that sticks
  • More effective technical or practical skills transfer

Aims of the Course – delegates will be better able to:

  • Identify the benefits of effective training
  • Identify the key steps in a practical skill
  • Prepare an instruction plan from which to conduct a training session
  • Give an effective piece of practical instruction


Benefits of Effective Training

Effective Instruction

Use of Questions

Correcting Errors


Learning Methods

Defining the Objective

Plan of Instruction

Practice and Feedback



We are now booking places on our next course.If you would like to know more or discuss reserving a place on the next course, do call us and ask for Becky or send us an email to We will be happy to ensure that this course is a good decision for you or your key people.

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What Our Customers Say

“Excellent trainer – easy to follow, varied the pace to suit the group and willing to expand on topics if required.”

“Very well organised, very enjoyable, looking forward to module two…”

“Really motivating.”

“A fantastic course filled with lots I can take back to my role and use with my team.”

“It was great to interact and get stuck in as a team.”

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