Introduction to Building Resilience

Have participants consider the nature of the current challenges they are facing, and positively plan what they can do to have an impact on the things they can affect.

Online Introduction to Building Resilience Course Overview

Features of the Building Resilience Course

A 60 minute session ran by a skilled and experienced facilitator/Host. An unlimited number of participants and little need for computer skills

Benefits for the attendees and their business

  • Engages and connects people with the company and their colleagues
  • Empathetically recognises individual’s challenges
  • Encourages positivity and taking control
  • Involves people, and causes them to think and participate in an unthreatening way

Aims of the Course – delegates will be better able to:

  • Examine the specific challenges of their current situation
  • Consider strategies to cope with a VUCA environment
  • Share and gain ideas and tips to help them manage their time and communication most effectively
  • Access colleague and online support

What our customers say

“Thank you and to everyone for all the good suggestions…and humour!!”

“This has been a great interactive session, and the chat’s been full of good stuff”

“My first online training session, much easier and less scary than I thought it would be”


Introduction and purpose

Why we feel overwhelmed?

Managing your time and communications

Resources available


Putting context to the changes we are experiencing

Taking back control

Question and answer session

Reflection and planning next steps



We are now booking places on our next course.If you would like to know more or discuss reserving a place on the next course, do call us and ask for Becky or send us an email to We will be happy to ensure that this course is a good decision for you or your key people.

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What Our Customers Say

“Excellent trainer – easy to follow, varied the pace to suit the group and willing to expand on topics if required.”

“Very well organised, very enjoyable, looking forward to module two…”

“Really motivating.”

“A fantastic course filled with lots I can take back to my role and use with my team.”

“It was great to interact and get stuck in as a team.”

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