Leadership Training and Development

What makes a great leader? There have been many exceptional examples throughout history. Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela instantly spring to mind. They were honest men who stood up for what they believed in and had the power to unite people with the goal of changing the world.

In business a great leader must possess several key attributes. They must be brave and strong, yet calm and sympathetic too. They must be bold enough to make the difficult decisions, but strong enough to speak out when tasks have not been completed. Great leaders must also possess the emotional intelligence to offer a shoulder to cry on along with effective communication skills and the ability to get the best out of their staff.

At Cedar Associates we provide a range of leadership training and management courses that will develop you as a person and help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Through our innovative approach to leadership team building and leadership skills training courses, we can give you the platform to grow as an individual.

Developing Business Leaders

Senior Level Leadership Training Programme

  • An insight into your leadership effectiveness and development potential
  • A balanced practical development opportunity covering a variety of skills and disciplines
  • Flexible ongoing support helping course members deliver on the challenging objectives they set for their development

ILM Level 3 Leadership Courses

Develop the Business Skills and Knowledge to Become an Effective Leader

  • Challenge and develop your skill set
  • Accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management.
  • Ideal for those who already manage teams of people and are looking to expand on their leadership skills.

Leadership Development Group


  • This leadership development group is aimed at management trainees and those who show potential to grow into leadership roles.
  • Rapidly develop potential and leadership skills.
  • Strengthen abilities to plan and implement projects at work.

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Leadership Team Building

Our individually tailored leadership courses can give you the confidence to transform your career in business. Our trained leadership coaches adopt a variety of leadership and management skills that have the power to enhance your CV and employment chances.

Together we will assess your leadership skills and focus on the areas, like problem solving, decision making and communication, that require attention and devise a plan of action to develop you as a person. Our unique approach to leadership and management will show you how to deal with precarious situations and handle delicate issues effectively and professionally.

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“Cedar Associates have delivered a number of sales based workshops for our members and we have received nothing but praise for their content, delivery and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”



“Having used Cedar Associates for both internal and external training I can thoroughly recommend them. From personal experience Lindsay and his team are quick to grasp the complexities and challenges facing an organisation and are able to encourage the team to find solutions its own solutions that are both motivational and empowering.”



“Cedar Associates courses have been great for both of our businesses, and they always get the training absolutely spot on. Courses are thought provoking, challenging without making participants feel uncomfortable and without doubt have benefitted those who have attended which in turn benefits our businesses.”



“We were looking to offer a bespoke business development package for landscape companies. Cedar Associates delivered on every level.”



“The training provided by Cedar has given me the ability to grow my area by over 15% two years running.”

Focussed People Development

A customised people development process, anchored in the business’s vision, designed to fulfil the company’s goals.

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