Individual Development

Sometimes, we need to focus on the particular. Our Individual Development services are about ensuring that high quality training can be easily accessed by the specific people who need it, in a manner that suits them – and their employers.

Not every organisation has the numbers – or the need – to train entire teams. Some businesses identify key individuals who have the potential to make significant future contributions to the business. And some individuals understand their own needs well enough to get ahead of the curve themselves.

Our Individual Development options enable businesses and individuals alike to access our superb courses easily and cost-effectively, targeting only those skills – and those people – that are required. Organisations that have identified critical people – rather than whole teams – can enroll individuals onto our programmes to up-skill their people efficiently and economically.

Equally, at Cedar Associates we are happy to hear from individuals looking to enroll on our courses under their own steam. We pride ourselves on delivering programmes which feel fresh and valuable, providing each of our learners with the skills and tools they need to tackle real challenges at work – and the confidence they need to excel.

What We Do

We offer a suite of learning programmes to cater for needs at all levels of business, from senior executives and CEO’s to newly promoted supervisors:

Developing Business Leaders (DBL)

This senior level training and support programme will hone the skills of the people who will steer their business through current challenges and beyond.

A joined up approach to learning, stimulating vision and encouraging future personal and business development. Delivered over five modules with coaching support inbetween.

ILM Qualifications

ILM leadership qualifications are among the most popular and valuable worldwide. Acting as a springboard for future advancement and success or to consolidate and formalize existing skills and capabilities.

As experts in this area, we can serve as a helping hand towards the qualification you desire.

Leadership Development Group (LDG)

With a twenty year pedigree this programme has served as the foundation for hundreds of high potential individuals taking their first steps into managing and leading other people.

With a focus on applying learning between modules this programme’s success comes from its practicality and blend of challenge with fun.

Management Development Programme

Building on managers’ past experience, this programme is aimed at further equipping individuals for future challenges. Specifically focusing on identifying areas for improvement, and developing practical solutions, to deliver on goals for themselves, their teams and the business.

Supervisor Development Programme

Supervisors and team leaders occupy critical positions in any business. Our supervisor programme is appropriate for established or recently promoted staff, and focuses squarely on the people skills necessary to getting the most out of a team. From improving a supervisor’s own understanding of their role to enhancing their effectiveness, the programme delivers real results.

Skills Workshops

Sometimes a full development programme is not what is required. We run stand alone workshops covering presentation skills, negotiation, recruitment, appraisals, sales, leadership, communication and assertiveness to name a few.

These workshops allow people to develop very specific capability in a practical and timely way.



“Very thought provoking course to develop the skills needed in a management role in the workplace. Would highly recommend!”



“Good level of communication was able to relate to situations to a work place environment.”



“Kept pace and interest at all times whilst allowing natural interaction- invaluable.”



“Really enjoyed the whole process, has forced us to put a much needed plan together.”



“Gave clear scenarios and examples of how each subject manifest itself in the ‘real’ world. This helped to gain clear understanding.”



“Great section of the course and I can apply many areas to my business.”

Focussed People Development

A customised people development process, anchored in the business’s vision, designed to fulfil the company’s goals.

Enabling Real Change

Building skill with knowledge and the confidence to use it.

Relevant and Valuable

A valuable and memorable experience, with like-minded peers.

Designed to Stimulate

innovative designs, delivered in an interactive, focussed style.

Targeted Training

Flowing, well-crafted development programmes or workshops with real purpose.

Recognised and Endorsed

By the institute of Leadership and Management.


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