Using Emotional Intelligence

To help participants understand themselves, and how to comprehend, describe and use their feelings to reduce fear and anxiety.

Online Using Emotional Intelligence Course Overview

Features of the Building Resilience Course

A 60 minute session ran by a skilled and experienced facilitator/Host. An unlimited number of participants and little need for computer skills

Benefits for the attendees and their business

  • Enables people to see why they feel as they do
  • Creates positivity, more self motivation, focus and energy
  • Helps people use a common language to articulate their feelings
  • Develops strategies to enhance or suppress specific feelings

Aims of the Course – delegates will be better able to:

  • Use a clearer understanding of their feelings to identify the cause and their capacity to manage it
  • The EQ competencies they have and areas that they could work on
  • Focus on developing self motivation and optimism to be most effective in their current situation

What our customers say

“Feel like a weight of self doubt has been lifted”

“I want to learn more about this, fascinating!”

“My first online training session, much easier and less scary than I thought it would be”


What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional literacy 

Developing a positive mindset

Strategies and plans for the next steps


Using EQ competencies effectively

Managing self motivation

Resources available to help



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What Our Customers Say

“Excellent trainer – easy to follow, varied the pace to suit the group and willing to expand on topics if required.”

“Very well organised, very enjoyable, looking forward to module two…”

“Really motivating.”

“A fantastic course filled with lots I can take back to my role and use with my team.”

“It was great to interact and get stuck in as a team.”

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