Leadership Development Groups

DESIGNED FOR: management trainees and those who have been identified as having potential to grow into managerial roles. Participants should have been with their employers for at least 12 months.

Leadership Development Group Overview

Features of the Group

A five part programme totaling 12 days spread over 12 months. The initial module is based in the Lake District and uses the outdoors to develop leadership and team skills Practical work-based projects link the units and ensure the application of learning and practice back at work A strong sense of group identity gives continuity to the development process and encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas from peers in similar roles


Benefits for the Group Members and their Business

  • Rapidly develop leadership potential and team skills
  • Improve organisational and planning skills
  • Develop leadership and communication styles through improving assertiveness, delegation and motivation
  • Increase skills and awareness of accounting practice
  • Strengthen abilities to plan and implement projects at work

Unit 1 – Outdoor Development Programme

  • Problem Solving
  • Working as a Team
  • Leading a Team
  • Making Decisions
  • Personal Development
  • Project – Personal Development Plan

Unit 3 – Planning and Organising Work

  • Setting Clear Aims and Planning Tasks
  • Time and Personal Planning
  • Motivating Self and Others
  • Work Study Techniques
  • Project – Work Organisation

Unit 5 – Managing Customers and Projects

  • Internal and External Customers
  • Managing Projects
  • Tackling Crisis
  • Personal Feedback

Unit 2 – Leading Teams Safely and Effectively

  • Leadership Style and Delegation
  • Building and Monitoring teams
  • Responsibilities for Health and Safety
  • Project – Safety

Unit 4 – Communicating and presenting ideas

  • Talent analysis in the business
  • Defining management and leadership standards
  • Meaningful performance appraisals that deliver results
  • Finding the people you need
  • Structured recruitment and selection
  • Building depth in the Management Team
  • Identifying needs for cover and cooperation in the team
  • Planning management succession
  • Planned training to address skill gaps
  • Nurturing talent with coaching and mentoring

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What Our Customers Say

“Excellent trainer – easy to follow, varied the pace to suit the group and willing to expand on topics if required.”

“Very well organised, very enjoyable, looking forward to module two…”

“Really motivating.”

“A fantastic course filled with lots I can take back to my role and use with my team.”

“It was great to interact and get stuck in as a team.”

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