There’s Always a Way…….!

What happens when training and coaching are needed, in the face of Travel Restrictions, Social Distancing and no Groups of more than 2 people? The short answer is courses and coaching sessions are cancelled, and programmes are postponed… However there is an alternative!

People have often highlighted to us the benefit of live events over e-learning or distance learning methods. The opportunity to meet, and interact with people having different perspectives and experience is greatly valued. It also provides a fun and engaging process, and a stimulating learning environment that encourages people to apply what has been learned.

For some time we have used online video conferencing for meetings and one to one sessions, but now, as the restrictions become increasingly rigorous, we are applying this more and more to training and coaching sessions. So far we have tried to facilitate small group sessions with Skype, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The feedback has been very encouraging so far, with Zoom probably proving itself to be the most stable, slick and versatile.

These online sessions, in which all the participants can see and talk to all the others, brings the group together in a live, safe forum with no travel or contact required. It creates the opportunity for input and discussion, small group conversations, simple exercises, projects and reviews. These sessions enable groups to stay connected with each other and provide a forum to share concerns and ideas to address the circumstances we are experiencing.

It is clearly not quite the same experience, and does seem to work best with shorter sessions and smaller groups. However, it does have the advantage of maintaining contact, engagement and the momentum of a course or programme.

Do call us to discuss how we can use this method to help you or your people with training or coaching sessions targeting the relevant areas and issues.