Training – The Secrets of our Profession!

If people are only as effective as the skills they have, and the confidence they have to use them, then anything that improves this is worth exploring. All our training is practical and participative, as will this be. We have often run ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes, and short ‘Helping People Learn’ courses for practical skills, but the ‘Secrets to Our Profession’ is much more far reaching.

We will encourage a linking back to business goals and the outcomes that are required from the training investment, and how they will be measured. We’ll think about Training Needs Assessment methods, and matching the level and timing of the training to the participant’s needs. Each element of training course design will be examined and different methods explored to ensure courses flow well, are stimulating, focussed and effective. From –

  • Starter techniques to open up topics
  • Methods of introducing information in a memorable way
  • Exercises to deepen understanding
  • Ways of gaining commitment to action or change

As we progress through the design process, small groups will be building a new or revised training programme to deliver on the second part. The focus will then shift to delivery skills. Getting the message across clearly while engaging all the participants and checking their understanding and acceptance is vital. Practice on camera, delivering the courses they have previously designed, will produce valuable feedback and ideas to refine their programme further.

Once training is completed we’ll be exploring methods of measuring it’s immediate and longer term impact, and how coaching, mentoring and support can be provided to ensure learning is applied to how people do their jobs. We aim to achieve –

  • Business goals through people development
  • Clear, effective and repeatable training sessions
  • Confident trainers, passionate about their subject
  • Thorough follow up and support of training